BE the NEW in “NEW YEAR”…

Hello :)

Welcome to my very first post, on my very first blog…

The last couple of years have been really hard for me: struggling to finish my PhD, battling chronic pain, being a psychotherapist, a friend, a daughter… and a woman trying to survive… trying to learn as much as I could from all the adversity… trying to grow  and become more tolerant (especially with myself)…

As the old and tired 2011 came to an end, I kept stating the usual “Next year is going to be much better!” “I’m so over 2011”. But soon enough I knew I had to do something else… I think I NEEDED to feel that 2012 was, in fact, going to be different!

I don’t tend to expect that things will, someday, fall in my lap… So I knew that if I wanted 2012 to be MY year… then the changes would have to be MY OWN. As a psychotherapist I am a firm believer in human change… WE ALL CAN CHANGE (no matter how old we are…!) However, I also believe that we can’t change anyone but ourselves! Some of you may be wondering “but isn’t a psychotherapist’s job to CHANGE people? To heal them? To make them feel better?” Well, actually, in my opinion: it is not! I don’t see my self as God (or a Goddess) capable of changing others… What I do, is facilitate the changes of people that really want to change. Even if they don’t know what’s wrong… even if they have no idea how did they come that far, or what to do to fix it… My job is TO BE THERE… accepting and understanding that person in pain… Asking the right questions, raising hypothesis, creating theories… always in collaboration with my patients! And together we start to understand the processes involved in the problems… and begin to walk towards their freedom and well being…

That being said… I was not going to wait any longer and I have decided I needed some extra motivation to continue my journey of “Being Raquel”…

That is the reason I have created this blog…

I would like to invite you ALL to come along… sharing experiences, thoughts, insights… co-creating with me a truly NEW year…

Here’s to NOVELTY and ACTION! Here’s to each one of US deciding to become AUTHORS of our life stories, and NOT resigning to be mere actors…

We can decide what we want to write in our 2012 book… i am going to write a lovely plot… and I intend to become a bestselling author of MY story ;)

Thank you for your company :)  Raquel

17 thoughts on “BE the NEW in “NEW YEAR”…

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH John! That means a LOT… and coming from a published author like yourself??? WOW!!! Talk about positive reinforcement!! ;) I’m NOT going to stop writing any time soon after this comment of yours!!! =)
      On the other hand, you just added a tiny little pressure ;) LOL But I don’t mind =) I’ll just keep being true to myself and writing about what I feel with my “gut wrenching honesty” (if I may borrow your words =D)
      Thank you for stopping by… And I am SO glad you’re going to be with me in this journey, too! :)

  1. Eu adorei Raquel, embora eu tenha uma tendencia a acreditar que as pessoas são o que são e não mudam. As coisas mudam, o jeito que reagimos a elas tambem, mas acho que isso não imprime uma mudança em nós mesmos. Gostaria de estar errada.
    Quanto a 2012 eu me sinto como voce, pois quero que seja um ano diferente e melhor, não só pra mim mas para todos que me cercam!
    Adorei o post e o blog, parabens!

  2. What can I say? This is the story of our lives…
    Loved your very first post, and could see myself in it!
    May the pages of our books be full of joy and revival this year! :)

    “We must become the change we want to see.” (Gandhi)

  3. Amiga, que saudades!
    O blogue está muito “TU”.. Os textos, as fotos..Que orgulho!!
    Mais uma maneira de te conhecer, partilhar experiências, crescer e enriquecer contigo!!
    2012 começa com INICIATIVA!


    BJ GDE!!


    • Querida amiga Vi, que bom ter-te por aqui! :)
      MUITO OBRIGADA pelo lindo comentário… espero que venhas sempre deixar cá algumas das tuas (sempre) sábias palavras :))

      bj grandeeee

  4. This was a lovely first post – really uplifting and inspiring. I love how you say you intend to become a bestselling author of your own story. I have never thought about it in that way before but it is such a good way of thinking of blogging :) I really like it and I think this quote from you may stay in my head to remember to write on my own blog exactly how I feel without any boundaries. Really do hope you enjoy blogging and you get a lot of out it. As I know it has enhanced my life so much since I started, so I really do hope the same for you. Fee x

    • Fee, thank you SO much for your lovely comment!
      (and for having the kindness of commenting twice, since I messed up with my comments before –» RookieME!!)

      I really hope I get to inspire people, but mainly be inspired either by writing (thus getting things off my chest) or by sharing w/ others and receiveing insights and feedbacks about… well… about anything and everything! :)

      TY again ;)
      xx raquel

  5. Excelentes palavras, um post bem inspirador para ser a abertura do blog.

    Penso como você, quero e preciso desesperadamente que 2012 seja diferente, mas se eu não fizer nada para mudar então continuará sendo apenas uma extensão cansativa de 2011.

    Eu sempre tive medo de enfrentar certos desafios inevitáveis, engraçado que no fundo sabemos que o resultado será positivo, mesmo assim deixamos oportunidades passarem por medo apenas de tomar a iniciativa.
    Estou aos poucos tentando reverter isso, e os estragos que fiz por fugir de certas situações e decisões.
    Mas como você mesmo disse, todo mundo pode mudar, não importa a idade né, ainda acredito nisso.

    E vamos que vamos Kel, com fé em nós mesmas e espirito renovado.

    Espero ver muitos posts por aqui, principalmente sobre sua profissão, com dicas para uma vida melhor, quem sabe sobre meditações e outras técnicas de relaxamento, serão muito úteis pra mim.

    Bem vinda a blogosfera!

    Abração. ;)

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