I’m singing in the rain ;D

I sing all the time… (and I mean ALL the time!) :) And it’s not because I believe I am particularly good at it… It’s mainly because MUSIC has always been an important part of my life! Oh and I dance, too…! all the way from my kitchen to my home office ;)

Does that make me a tiny little bit crazy? Oh well… normal is so boring, anyway! I choose HAPPY over NORMAL anytime!! :)


a) you’re feeling a little bit blue…

b) it’s raining…

d) you’re alone (and/ or feeling lonely)…

e) life has beaten you up pretty bad…

f) all of the above…

I SAY: turn the volume UP! ;) Put on your favourite songs… sing your lungs out (I don’t know if this expression even exists: but, hey… you get the idea)… dance until your feet hurt… Picture Bridget Jones singing “all by myself”!! … minus the wine drinking, and the smoking, and the depressive song… well… on a second thought… do NOT picture Bridget Jones! (opsy!)

Just be yourself (only… WAY more foolish!) no one is watching anyway! Only God can judge you! ;) I’m not saying that we can’t feel sad, or anxious, or any other less pleasant emotions! ALL emotions are important: they have a reason to exist, and should be felt and understood. But I’m talking about those moments when you just want to CHILAX ;) … on THOSE moments, take Coleen Bailey Rae’s advice and PUT YOUR RECORDS ON! ;)

(And for those of you wondering: YES, I do sing when I drive alone in my car… loud and clear, shaking my head and my fingers to the rhythm and I don’t care if the front driver is looking at me from the review mirror and laughing – glad I made his/ her day! ;))

What about you? crazy much? ;)

What are your favourite uplifting songs?? Please DO share them with me!!! :)

Thank you for your company, Raquel



PS-The photo was taken many years ago ;) but I thought it would fit this  post, so I went digging for it to post it here =D

17 thoughts on “I’m singing in the rain ;D

  1. I love singing, although others don’t seem to enjoy my singing quite so much. For me, singing is a
    private affair, something I do when the house is empty. There has been complaints from people outside though, sometimes from as far as Portugal!!

    My favourite feel good songs change daily. today it’s Just a Gigalo by Dave Lee Roth.

  2. Quem canta seus males espanta. mas no meu caso eu espanto quem estiver me ouvindo! Hahahahahahaha! Música pra mim depende muito de ocasião, do sentimento sabe? Tenho uma playlist gigante demais rsrsrsrsrsrsrs!

  3. Oh my goodness I sing all the time too! I make up songs for changing nappies, brushing teeth etc and sing my head off in the car (and I don’t care if I’m not alone in the car!). Singing is magical, it is healing and works on a subtle body level to keep us happy and that my friend is magic! Keep up the good work! As for what songs, hmmm, anything but for uplifting; Walking on Sunshine, I’d like to teach the world to sing, Build me up Buttercup… I could go on all night! :)

  4. I am with you sister! I drive and sing like a crazy person all the time! I love when that mood strikes me. We need to be in a car together. I have a whole CD of songs I love to sing like
    Son of a Preacher Man
    The Globe by BAD
    I Got a Feeling
    Animal Song by Savage Garden
    It’s Oh So Quiet by Byork
    The Lord of the Dance
    My Own Two Hands by Jack Johnson
    Paul Revere by Beastie Boys
    You Saw My Blinker
    This Little Light of Mine
    All That Jazz
    And so many more. I have an inspirational/more religious one with raise the roof songs when I need some lifting up. I don’t have a particular genre I like. I just like a song for what mood it conjures up. I’ll know it’s you next to me when it appears I’m looking in a mirror next to me in the car. ha. Thanks.

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