Open Letter to the Real-Life Super-Hero

Dear Real-Life-Super-Hero,

First of all, I’d like to say I feel grateful to have crossed paths with you…

I am not sure if you realize how much of a difference you actually made in my life… but in case you missed it: you matter! You have changed my life for the better in a non-reversible way and the distinct fingerprint you left in it will never be erased.

It is so bizarre: Your words are always coated with a careful blend of optimism and enthusiasm… yet you never sound “fake” like those pop psychology 10-steps-to-make-you-happy kind of books! You are realistic and your pieces of advice are always specific, goal-oriented and personalized, which shows how you really take the time, you really care and try your best to help each person.

You are incredibly busy, yet you have always time for what matters the most: you pray, you meditate, you brainstorm with others, you coach the younger.

You are creative, but you are also driven: your feet are well grounded, while your mind makes projects and your heart harbors yet another soul looking for some comfort and warmth. 

But don’t get me wrong! I know you have your share of faults and rough edges… you do…  because you are human! And you know what? That makes you even that little bit more special: gods or super-heroes, as great as they are, don’t really have a choice, do they? They just are like that, end of story. But you? You have a choice… every single moment you chose to dedicate to me, in actions, thoughts, prayers or words, you could have decided to do something else, but you haven’t! You are special not because you were born that way, but because you CHOOSE to be special… and to grow in that direction every day a little more!

You are a real life super hero! You do hear everyone’s cry for help (like batman sees the light sign in the sky), but what makes you so human, yet incredibly heroic, is that you could choose to turn your head the other way, but you don’t. I mean, I am sure you have done it many times… you have decided not to help, or not to hear, or not to be there. However, that is not the person you want to be, that is not the path you are trying to pursue and that is not, for sure, how you have been to me!

I know you are humble too, and you will probably think this letter is not for you… but it is! IT IS and you deserve every single word of it! SO, please accept my thank you note…!

I am honored to have you in my life… It is a privilege to have you as a role model… and be sure that i will always hold the safest place for you in my heart… I WILL.


5 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Real-Life Super-Hero

  1. Post bacana, Raquel! Viva aos heróis da vida real, o que seria de nós sem eles. Bom fim de semana, Beijos :)

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