A little less Thinking and a tiny more Doing

“Finished last” will always be better than “Did not finish”, which always trumps “Did not start”. (as I read somewhere)

Isn’t it incredibly simple, yet so amazing and deep? (or is it just me?)

Anyway… My point is:

Just start! Alright? I know… I know… “You may not finish”.

OKAY. I get that. That IS a possibility. But, honestly, what does THAT matter right NOW, in this very second?!

So… come on… a little less thinking and a tiny more doing.

Whatever you need to begin: start now!

And by now, I mean NOW!

Oh and sorry about the short blog post… I need to shut the computer down and read the first page of a very important, and potentially life-changing, book I have been postponing. Might never finish it. But I’ll just focus on the first page by NOW.

(How about you? Any “starting” of any kind lately?)


BE the NEW in “NEW YEAR”…

Hello :)

Welcome to my very first post, on my very first blog…

The last couple of years have been really hard for me: struggling to finish my PhD, battling chronic pain, being a psychotherapist, a friend, a daughter… and a woman trying to survive… trying to learn as much as I could from all the adversity… trying to grow  and become more tolerant (especially with myself)…

As the old and tired 2011 came to an end, I kept stating the usual “Next year is going to be much better!” “I’m so over 2011”. But soon enough I knew I had to do something else… I think I NEEDED to feel that 2012 was, in fact, going to be different! Continue reading