A little less Thinking and a tiny more Doing

“Finished last” will always be better than “Did not finish”, which always trumps “Did not start”. (as I read somewhere)

Isn’t it incredibly simple, yet so amazing and deep? (or is it just me?)

Anyway… My point is:

Just start! Alright? I know… I know… “You may not finish”.

OKAY. I get that. That IS a possibility. But, honestly, what does THAT matter right NOW, in this very second?!

So… come on… a little less thinking and a tiny more doing.

Whatever you need to begin: start now!

And by now, I mean NOW!

Oh and sorry about the short blog post… I need to shut the computer down and read the first page of a very important, and potentially life-changing, book I have been postponing. Might never finish it. But I’ll just focus on the first page by NOW.

(How about you? Any “starting” of any kind lately?)



Feeling overwhelmed? – my PhD journey…

Today I felt compelled to write about something that is very close to my heart…
What is it about people and LONG work projects? The more I listen to friends, colleagues or other people trying to finish a huge project (like a PhD in my case; or a book; etc.) I realise I am not the only one feeling drained and struggling very hard…

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